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Melissa Wethington Sandoval, Holistic Health Practitioner

Evan J Sandoval, Reiki Practitioner

Grady Shay Wethington, Graphic Design Artist



Melissa Wethington Sandoval is a holistic health practitioner who has found her passion in herbal therapeutics, food as medicine and traditional healing arts. She is a true believer that every person can take charge of and change their own health, and she is ready to help people reach their goals.

Melissa has studied holistic health for several years, including western and ayuervedic herbs, nutrition, curanderismo arts (traditional Mexican folk healing), and meditation. She is a self-described "life-long learner" and continues her studies in many healing modalities! Melissa prides herself on using her knowledge of multiple complimentary modalities to work with clients in a way that promotes positive change in body, mind and spirit.

In July 2018, Melissa received her white belt in Nia. She is looking forward finding ways to incorporate the Joy of Movement into her practice with clients!


Bio coming soon!


Grady has been dabbling in computer/digital arts since he was 13 years old.  He showed such a strong commitment and desire to developing his craft that he focused his remaining homeschooled years developing the skills necessary to cultivate this passion.  In his spare time, Grady continues to partner with team members around the globe on projects that allow him to explore and expand his knowledge and experience in the various digital arts.  His current and past works can be viewed on his YouTube channel and website (gswinteractive.com).

Grady will continue his training and education at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School Spring, 2018.