Aura Cleansing

On this earth, we are all interconnected and our auras, or the human energy field, constantly interact with the energy field of other beings and the environment. Aura clearing can quickly and easily release energetic blockages from all levels of the energy field, working more quickly than Reiki alone. These blocked patterns can be recent, from childhood, or even from a past life.

For example, if you feel drained or overwhelmed in large crowds or with certain people, then you have experienced this interconnectedness. Your aura, your energy field, picked up the energy of others.

Our personal energy field is affected by interactions with other beings as well our physical environment - electromagnetic pollution, air quality, water quality, food we eat and also our own emotional state.

Most of the time we take care of our physical body, by exercising, drinking plenty of clean water and making healthy food choices; but we also need to take care of our Energy body on regular basis. Aura cleansings help to purify our spirit and bring closure to issues we carry from life state to life state.

There are many ways to cleanse the aura, one of which is taking time for yourself, meditating daily, engaging in arts, listening to your favorite music and anything that nourishes your soul, helps your Energy field stay vibrant and clean.

Energy aura cleansing by a Reiki Master is another powerful tool that can break the cycle of habitual thoughts, actions and negatively we humans think we have to carry with us each day. An aura cleansing is a non-invasive, hands-on technique that is much like a traditional Reiki treatment. The Reiki Master will focus on your outer aura, which is usually a 4-7 foot extension of your physical body, in which Reiki is applied to the aura to release blockages and cleanse the chakras to allow the body, mind and spirit connection to be united, as they should be.

Drinking lots of water and having a light to do list after your treatment is best, as your body, mind and spirit are in flux releasing the old and allowing you to embrace the new energies, thoughts, and ideas enter your consciousness. Out with the old and in with the new is the mantra for this healing treatment.

If you feel like an aura cleansing is a treatment you wish to pursue, contact our Reiki Master to set up an appointment at to begin your next step toward health and healing.

Evan J Sandoval

Reiki Master