Reiki -- What Is It and What To Expect

Imagine yourself laying on your back, eyes closed, soft calming music in the background. You are in a positive tranquil place. For the next 45 – 55 minutes you are space that is designed for your serenity, your peacefulness, your healing time. As your body relaxes and absorbs the tranquil space around you, your Reiki session has already begun.

Reiki serves as a way to direct your body’s energy to attempt to remove energy blockages, whether mental, physical, emotional, that stall healing and prevent resolution and recovery. Reiki is often used to help sufferers of chronic disease, pain, anxiety, PTSD, other ailments and conditions. Reiki helps the body to create the ideal environment for healing itself.

Reiki healing begins with the Reiki practitioner using a hands-on approach with light touch on the body of the person to be healed. The life force energy “Ki” is what produces the healing flow of positive energy through the body and the bodies seven Chakras. The practitioner will guide the receiver through the process of relaxation, visualization and releasing during the session. The practitioner is neither channeling nor focusing on any intentions but rather being the conduit of Divine life force energy. Think of the practitioner as a faucet and the receiver is a bucket being filled with life force energy they need for their own mind, body, emotions, or spirit.

On the day of the session it is advised that you drink plenty of water, both before and after the session. It is also recommended to stay away from caffeine and sugary sweets. Wear comfortable clothes and socks, and avoid hats and jewelry. After a brief intake with the practitioner, get ready to be transported to your own personal space where healing, releasing and freeing yourself from things that no longer serve you are your new reality. Some sleep, some cry, some laugh, some are awake the entire time, some hum along to the music, but no two sessions are alike. Your healing is your healing – whatever needs to be healed is directed by you. Guided by your mind, your body, and your feelings. It’s your healing.

If this sounds like something you wish to experience, then make an appointment today.

Blessings and Light,